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5 Hackney Crescent, Langeberg Glen, Cape Town, Western Cape, 7570
Our Booking PolicyThank you for booking with Irmfit.

Massage: d* x2 BIG Towels & a pair of shorts.
* Bike(s), all shoes & socks, bib/skipants.
* Clean Bike & Cleats screws
* Any extra's i.e stems/saddles/cleats
* Kids Fits always 1hr to check growth




Bikefit 1-Bike: 1st Time Consultation

. Duration:1 hr 30 mins·. Price:R 1,300

Bikefit 2-Bike: 1st Time Consultation

. Duration:2 hrs·. Price:R 1,600

Cleats / Bikefit tweak under 30min

. Duration:30 mins··. Price:R 480

Annual Check / Post Injury / Bike Upgrades

. Duration:1 hr··. Price:R 700

Kids Bikefit Ages: 6-18 yrs

. Duration:1 hr··. Price:R 660

1st Timers Free Follow-up

. Duration:30 mins··. Price:Free



Deep Tissue Massage

. Duration:55 mins··. Price:R 500


About us

We use biomechanics combined with injury history and current functionality to find your best fit.

We concentrate on deep tissue massaging with a twist (or two).

Opening hours

Cancellation policy
Booking policy


90 reviews
  • Sarah·

    Irma is so patient, knowledgeable and really gets you to be the best with your bike! Thank you Irma :)

  • Martin·

    I though my bike was perfect, Irma made it even better. I am so much more comfortable, confidant and stronger on my bikes. Why did I wait so long. Baie dankie Irma.

  • Tristan·

    If Irma cannot get you 100% comfortable on a bicycle, you either have the wrong bike or need to find another sport.

    She is the best!!

  • Doug Foulkes·

    I have been away for a while, and immediately realised I'd been missing out. Great massage, as always Irma, thank you

  • Bernhard·

    Great 2 hours spent with Irma sorting out my numerous bikefit issues. I could immediately feel the difference, and I'm looking forward to implementing all the other suggested changes.

  • Christo Bisschoff·

    Irma's sports massages are the best. She has kept me training through injured and stressed times...I can recommend no one else...her bike fitting is superb...only take my bikes to her.

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